Color Wheel

This is our special CONE COLOR WHEEL which will be available to use in all make-up classes. It has a lot of advantages. First you see here at which position our foundation lines are laying at the color wheel. Additionally we provide you with all color information of our products. 

Out of the color wheel we see all main and secondary colors. All our products are based on this color wheel which is our color core system.

For example you see the Foundation Color Lines of 3Y, 2Y, 1Y, N, 1R, 3R and 5R.


All of our colors are created digital. This means we develop new colors in a very advanced computer based system. This gives us many advantages against other brands which are stil formulting on pigment percentages and their eyes.

All of our products will have a color code which you can use for many things. A very important application is the creation of color harmonics. This technology and knowledge we will share with you. You can easily use it to make your own color creations based on our digital color informations. 



This colors are very good for mixing pigments. Because this colors has already two cone cell activated. They have a very bright and nice color. Out of this colors + white/black you can mix all colors you want. With the MAIN COLORS you can easily use 2 for making a pigment mixture. If you mix all 3 together you will get a very black dark tone. 




This colors are the natural CONE cell colors for the human color vision. They have only one CONE active. This colors seems to be a bit darker. Do not try to mix them pure with pigments you will get very dark color tones. Never use 2 dark colors and mix them together. You will get very dark colors. You can always use one main color and the next dark color for mixing. 

If you like to mix a nice orange color, you can use for example the main YELLOW color and the next dark color RED. Together you will get a very nice ORANGE tone. 

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