The Birth
of the Brand CONE

Our world is a vibrant tapestry of colors, an ever-unfolding symphony of waves and energy that we perceive through our eyes. From the mesmerizing hues of a morning sunrise to the serene beauty of a clear blue sky, colors provide us with an emotional perception and a unique perspective on the world around us. Our entire environment is shaped by the colors we see.
But have you ever wondered why we can see colors?
The answer lies in a single reason: the remarkable CONE cells. These specialized cells within our eyes enable us to discern and distinguish a breathtaking array of colors. They are the key to our color perception, granting us the ability to experience the richness and diversity of the visual spectrum.
And it is with this profound understanding and appreciation for the importance of colors that the brand CONE was born.

Nelly Morena

 Nelly Morena is the founder and the Beauty Creative Director behind our brand. Nelly is a passionate makeup artist who dedicated a considerable amount of time in Paris to immerse herself in the world of cosmetics and gather extensive knowledge.
Having run an exclusive distribution for a renowned French professional makeup brand, Nelly's expertise grew as she shared her skills with students from all corners of the globe through her own makeup school. Over the course of five years, she received valuable feedback from students and customers, particularly about the lack of inclusive colors and products. It was during this period that the seed of creating her own cosmetics brand was planted.
Nelly Morena always harbored a dream of creating and developing a range of colors that catered to every skin tone worldwide. Her vision was simple yet powerful: Every woman on this planet should feel beautiful and confident in her own skin, without having to make compromises. And now, her dream has become a reality.
All CONE products are meticulously crafted in our very own laboratory in Germany. We take pride in not only creating our own formulas and colors but also prioritizing the demands and needs of our customers. This commitment makes the CONE laboratory and concept truly unique in the world of cosmetics.
We invite you to join us, become a valued member of the CONE Family, and experience the beauty and empowerment that comes from embracing your unique self.

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