• CONE | Affiliate Partnership


    We believe in fairness and transparency. Our affiliate program offers competitive commission rates and clear terms, ensuring that your efforts are rewarded fairly.

  • CONE | Affiliate Partnership


    By becoming a part of our affiliate program, you'll not only earn attractive commissions on online sales but also unlock the opportunity for an enticing lifetime commission structure by making physical sales.

  • CONE | Affiliate Partnership


    Join our affiliate program today and unlock the potential to maximize your earnings while collaborating with a trusted and established brand. Together, we can achieve remarkable success and create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

  • CONE | Affiliate Partnership


    As our valued affiliate partner, you'll gain access to a wide range of high-quality products that are in high demand. By promoting these offerings to your audience, you can earn generous commissions for every successful referral or desired action taken by customers you refer.

We have two options for affiliate partnership!


CONE | Influencer Affiliate
gets the opportunity to earn 20% commissions off all referred orders. It is perfect for Influencer and Publisher who wants to advertise our products over the internet like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, or TikTok. 

 We provide you over our customer backend all tracking and code opportunities. 

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CONE | Merchant Affiliate
gives you the opportunity to earn up to 40% commissions off all your referred orders.  

Additionally, you can earn a Lifetime Commission and get up to a continuous 25% commission on all future orders of your referred customer as long you fulfill the merchant requirements.

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Influencer Affiliate:
Online affiliate publisher or influencer without physical product sale

✔  On referred orders of up to 20% commission 

✔  No Life Time commission

Merchant Partnership:
Sales partner with a physical product sale and minimum orders per quarter

✔  On referred orders of up to 40% commission

✔  Life Time Commission of up to 25% 


With our lifetime commission structure for merchant partners, you'll earn commissions not just on the initial referred purchase, but on all subsequent purchases made by the customer throughout their lifetime with us. This means that as long as the customer remains active and continues to make purchases, you'll continue to receive commissions, creating a sustainable and long-term income stream.

Our lifetime commission offer is designed to motivate and incentivize your ongoing promotion of our products, as well as foster a mutually beneficial relationship that extends far into the future.


As a valued affiliate partner, we provide you with a personalized referral code or a unique referral link. 

This code or link is exclusively assigned to you, allowing you to track and refer new clients seamlessly. By sharing this personalized code or link with your audience, you can ensure that each referral is properly attributed to you, guaranteeing that you receive the appropriate commissions for your valuable efforts. 

It's a hassle-free and efficient way to connect your audience with our products/services while maximizing your earning potential.


CONE is dedicated to empowering our merchant partners with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their business. That's why we offer comprehensive product training and make-up training programs.

Our product training goes beyond just providing information about our offerings. We delve deep into the features, benefits, and unique selling points of each product, ensuring that our partners have a thorough understanding of what they are selling. This knowledge equips them to confidently showcase the value of our products to their customers and answer any inquiries that may arise.


Find the most common question about our affiliate program. 

Before joining our affiliate program, you have the opportunity to choose between two distinct paths: the Influencer Affiliate Program or the Merchant Affiliate Program with a focus on physical sales.

Influencer Affiliate Program: If you're an influencer or content creator looking to leverage your online presence, this program is tailored to you. As an influencer affiliate, you'll primarily drive online sales through your digital platforms, such as social media channels, blogs, or websites. This program allows you to tap into your audience and promote our products/services effectively in the digital space.

Merchant Affiliate Program with Physical Sales: If you have experience in physical sales or own a brick-and-mortar store, this program is designed to maximize your potential. As a merchant affiliate, you'll have the opportunity to promote our products/services both online and offline. This means you can showcase and sell our offerings not only through your digital channels but also in person, leveraging your existing customer base and face-to-face interactions to drive sales.

The affiliate code will be conveniently accessible in the customer backend of our webpage. Once you log in to your customer account, you can easily locate and retrieve your unique affiliate code. This ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing you to effortlessly share and track your referrals.

Absolutely! We provide our affiliate partners with a user-friendly dashboard where you can easily track your referral activity, monitor your earnings, and view detailed reports on your performance. This allows you to stay informed and make data-driven decisions to optimize your affiliate marketing strategies.

Our minimum payout threshold for affiliate commissions is €50. Once your earned commissions reach this amount, you are eligible to request a payout

The payout process for affiliate commissions is scheduled on a regular basis, occurring every 4 weeks. This ensures that you receive your earned commissions in a timely manner, allowing you to maintain a steady flow of income. Rest assured that we are committed to prompt and consistent payouts to reward your valuable contributions as an affiliate partner.

The payment for affiliate commissions will be processed through wire transfer. Once you reach the minimum payout threshold, we will initiate the payment to your designated bank account via wire transfer. To ensure a smooth transaction, we will provide a credit invoice for the payout, detailing the commission amount and relevant information. This approach guarantees a secure and transparent payment process for your earned commissions.

The commission structure varies depending on the affiliate program in which you participate. In the Merchant Affiliate Program, higher commission rates are offered to reflect the additional effort and potential for physical sales. This program rewards your dedication and success in driving both online and offline sales. We value the contributions of all our affiliate partners and strive to provide competitive commission rates that align with the specific program requirements and potential sales opportunities. Rest assured, regardless of the program you choose, we are committed to ensuring that your efforts are duly recognized and rewarded.

Lifetime commission refers to a commission structure where an affiliate continues to earn commissions on all future purchases made by a referred customer for the entire duration of their customer lifetime. In other words, as long as the customer remains active and continues to make purchases from the company, the affiliate will receive a commission for those subsequent transactions.

This type of commission structure provides a long-term earning potential for affiliates. Even if the initial referral leads to a single purchase, the affiliate will still earn commissions on any future purchases made by that customer. It offers a recurring revenue stream, allowing affiliates to benefit from ongoing customer loyalty and repeat business.

Lifetime commissions are often used to incentivize affiliates to focus on building long-lasting relationships with customers, as they provide ongoing financial rewards beyond the initial referral. It encourages affiliates to provide excellent customer service and support to maximize customer retention, ultimately benefiting both the affiliate and the company.

As a merchant affiliate partner, we are committed to supporting your success by providing comprehensive make-up and product trainings. We understand the importance of product knowledge and expertise in driving sales and delivering exceptional customer experiences. That's why we offer specialized make-up and product training programs to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge. Through these trainings, you will gain a deep understanding of our products, learn application techniques, stay updated on industry trends, and receive valuable tips to enhance your selling capabilities. We are dedicated to empowering you with the tools and training needed to excel in your role as a merchant affiliate partner.

Our affiliate program is currently available throughout the entire European Union and will soon expand to the United States. If you have any inquiries or need further information about availability in specific regions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to assist you and provide the most up-to-date details on our affiliate program's geographic coverage.

As part of our commitment to supporting our affiliates, we provide a range of resources to facilitate your promotional efforts. Upon joining our affiliate program, you will have access to an array of banners, codes, and links that are specifically designed for sharing. These resources are carefully crafted to effectively showcase our products and services, making it easier for you to promote them across your digital platforms or in-person interactions. We believe that these ready-made promotional materials will enhance your affiliate marketing efforts and contribute to your success as our valued partner.

We have minimal restrictions on affiliate promotion as long as it aligns with the premium nature of our products and does not compromise their integrity. We encourage creative and innovative approaches to promote our offerings, but we kindly request that affiliates maintain the premium character and reputation of our products in their marketing efforts. Should you have any questions or require guidance on promoting our products effectively, our team is always available to provide assistance and ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

To ensure fairness and transparency, it is not possible to earn commissions on your own purchases through your affiliate link. The purpose of the affiliate program is to incentivize affiliates to refer new customers and generate sales from external sources. Consequently, commissions are designed to reward the successful conversion of new customers who have been referred by affiliates. We encourage you to share your affiliate link with your audience and drive sales from external sources, allowing you to earn commissions for those referred purchases.

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