How to choose foundation colors

Getting the right foundation color is the most challenging task in the beauty industry. There are a few solution, but always with too many compromises. The result is that most of the time a foundation color do not really match with the skin color. At the same time the pigmentation is too low. 

CONE, as a multi ethnic brand, has developed the most advanced color system in the market. Now you are able to choose the correct undertone and the correct shade brightness very precisely in a mathematical numbered color code system. All colors are formulated digitally with latest color technology. 


Using a color wheel

This is our special CONE COLOR WHEEL which will be available to use in all make-up classes. It has a lot of advantages. First you see here at which position our foundation lines are laying at the color wheel. Additionally we provide you with all color information of our products. 

Out of the color wheel we see all main and secondary colors. All our products are based on this color wheel which is our color core system.


The Human Color Perception

If you want to be a good make-up artist, you should know more about our color perception then normal basic trained people. If you go more deeper, we can give you a fundamental knowledge about color vision. This will make yourself a better make-up artist. 

The human eye can distinguish 10 million different color shades. But how can we do this and how is a color created. 



Defining the right skin tones is for many people a challenging tasks. We give you help and information, how to choose the right color for your skin. Around the world we find a lot of different skin color tones from all kind of ethnic groups. We have looked into a few thousand skin color data and found a beautiful math behind the skin colors of the world.


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