Why are Light Sources so important?

First of all we need a light source to create light rays in a space. It is important to know why different light sources can affect your make-up work. Every light has a different spectrum. This means that not all light waves are inside the white light. We will learn more about a white point, because our brain is tricking us the whole day about what we think it is white. 


is the most important light source in our world. It has the most natural spectrum and creates a very nice and healthy spectrum.


LED light comes with different light colors and spectrums. It can mimic daylight to tungsten light. The daylight version tries to comes close to the spectrum of the sun.


Tungsten light has a much more reddish and yellowish color then the normal daylight. 


A candle light are not very hot and has a very yellow reddish spectrum. All objects can only reflect the light what the candle emits. The colors under such light is different then in daylight. 

A very important part of the light perception is the light source by itself. Because a object can only reflect or absorb the light from the environment. If the object is in the sunlight, it can fully reflect all kind of light rays, because the sunlight has a very wide spectrum of rays and our eyes and brain is conditioned to see this light as the most natural light. Not all light sources has the same amount of wavelength inside the spectrum. Every light source has it´s own light spectrum. This makes a light warmer or colder. In general colder light sources looks more reddish and hotter light sources tends to be white or blueish. We will see why this happens and why it is important to know this. 

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