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Cream Gel Liner
Color: Espresso
We are sure that you will love our Cream Gel Liner, it has everything you wanted for your perfect winged eye look! The lovely smooth and creamy consistency of our eyeliner allows an instant and effortless even application, it glides perfectly over your eyelid without becoming blotchy or streaky. Our Cream Gel Liner is another multifunctional product, it can be used to create very precise work, like a winged eye, as well as smudgy makeup looks, such as deep black smokey eyes. A beautiful velvety matte finish will remain on your eyes, adding elegance and class to any look. The high pigmentation of its formula guarantees you an intensive finish, right from the first application. After the Cream Gel Liner dries, the special long-lasting formula makes the eyeliner the perfect smudge- and water-proof base for your eye shadow and pigments, enjoy the perfect eye-look all day long! We have also managed to create a formulation that is particularly mild and gentle on your eyes, so it can be used for a more precise work onto the upper and lower waterline! Therefore, it is also perfectly suitable for sensitive eyes.Properties:Creamy consistency for precise and even application 24 hours hold, smudge-, water- and sweat-proof Highly pigmented and intense colors for an intense gaze Blends easily, acting like a water-proof base for eyeshadow and pigments Leaves a soft velvety matte finish enjoy an elegant sleek eye-look Very gentle formula, suitable for sensitive eyes Free parabens and fragrance Vegan and Cruelty-free

Content: 6 g (€3.07* / 100 g)

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Thinner Drops
Our Thinner Drops are a life-saver and a must-have, this liquid is one of the basic products that you want to have on hand. Because when we say life-saver, we mean it. The formula of this product is specially created to extend the life of many of your products, it revives any gel liner or creamy textures that have been overexposed to air and are beginning to wilt. The Thinner Drops preserve the color intensity and the original consistency of your favorite eyeliner. Therefore, if your dearest product has dried out now you have a quick solution that saves you money and time! With these drops, you can be sure you'll always have your favorite products on hand as if you bought them yesterday! Yes, always new!Properties:Revives any gel eyeliner or creamy texture that is drying out  Preserves the color intensity and consistency of your dearest products  Products always like new For all skin types  Free parabens and fragrance Vegan and Cruelty-free

Content: 15 ml (€0.96* / 100 ml)

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