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Keep On Primer
Meet our fantastic multifunctional Keep On Primer. The perfect Primer for your eyelid, under-eye area, and even for your lips! The thin liquid texture and the subtle tint, are the perfect combination for your first step in correcting and preparing your skin for the next products without any effort. Just a little bit of product and voila! The Primer will easily slide and perfectly blend with your skin’s surface, giving you already a more even out skin tone with a delightfully smooth and matte finish. It has also a universal color formulation that can be used for all beautiful skin tones. Our Keep On Primer is smudge- and sweat-proof due to its water-proof formula, helping reduce significantly your eyeshadow from settling in the eye crease, your concealer from creasing, and your lipstick from blurring. The intensity of the pigments won´t go anywhere! Be sure that your makeup will stay in place for hours no matter what!Properties:Very light texture with a subtle tint, for an easy blend and a tenuous skin Soft and smooth feeling, with a velvety matte finish Long-lasting formulation of 24 hrs, the intensity of the pigments will stay with you Universal color formulation, for all skin tones The waterproof formula is smudge-free and sweat-free for a stunning makeup Multifunctional, formulated for your eye area and lips For all skin types Free parabens and fragrance. Vegan and Cruelty-free

Content: 5 ml (€3.20* / 100 ml)

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Wonder Seal
With the Wonder Seal you can make your glitter pigments last longer if you use it as an eyelid primer, or you can convert any loose powdery textures, like your eyeshadows and pigments, into custom waterproof eyeliners. It instantly changes not only the texture and consistency of the product, but also transforms it into a smudge-proof and waterproof formulation, allowing the pigments to last all day long without changing the original color. Our Wonder Seal is a liquid, odourless and all-rounder product, originally developed for the professional make-up artist sector, but now also popular between all our ambitious and creative customers. Due to its high compatibility and gentle formula, the Wonder Seal can be used in all areas of the face and is also suitable for sensitive skin types. The compact package makes it very practical to use, and only a small drop is enough to create a beautiful and even mixture. It can be easily removed with a waterproof make-up remover, leaving no residue behind. Go beyond your creativity with our Wonder Seal and transform your makeup products! Properties:Waterproof primer and sealer for glitter pigments Create your own stunning waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner Universal all-rounder makeup-fix for powder and cream textures Liquid and odor-less without added perfume Practical use, only a small drop is enough for an even mixture Easily removed with a waterproof make-up remover Gentle formula suitable for all skin types Free parabens and fragrance Vegan and Cruelty-free

Content: 7 ml (€1.14* / 100 ml)

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