Contour Powder
Color: Natural Shadow
Our Contour Powder is outstanding professional contouring, it is designed to sculpt and define your face features with shades that are especially based on the skin’s natural shadows. The highly-pigmented soft texture glides perfectly over your facial contours, making it extremely easy to blend. This gorgeous shaper can perform as dramatically as you want to go or give you the most subtle and natural definition. For the most even and smooth finish, we have deliberately avoided shimmer or glitter particles here, which could give you an unrealistic look. Give your face an attractive dimensional effect that will catch everyone’s attention with our two universal shades, they cover all skin saturations from very light to very dark, as well as all skin undertones. The quality of this contouring powder is perfect for everyday use, or the high standards of professional artists.Properties:Fine matte texture with a soft and smooth finish for the most attractive shaping effect Mimics the natural shadows of your face, with a shimmer- and glitter-free formulation Available in two gorgeous universal shades, CP01 (light-medium) CP02 (tan - dark) Long-lasting and very lightweight For all skin types Free parabens and fragrance Vegan and Cruelty-free

Content: 3.5 g (€428.57* / 100 g)

Velvet Matte Bronzer
Color: Cocoa
Our Velvet Matte Bronzer is a beautiful soft powder that delights anyone since the first application. The silky-smooth texture allows the bronzer to sit delicately onto your skin and blend evenly, leaving behind a soft-toned, velvety matte finish.  This bronzer contains intense high-quality pigments, which provide you, with only a little amount of product, the most delightful sun-kissed effect that gives you that seductive healthy look. The Velvet Matte Bronzer has light-reflecting micro-particles to slightly highlight your skin's natural radiance for a subtle luxurious glow.  The special formulation, enriched with high-quality Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, provides your skin with antioxidants and nutrients, that will give you a vitalizing and plumping effect from within.  This bronzer has a particularly long-lasting formula that provides you a radiant natural-tanned finish that lasts all day, still being very light-weight on your skin! Glance like a DIVA! … Feel like a diva, look like a diva, be a diva!Properties:Silky smooth texture that blends evenly leaving a soft-toned, velvety matte finish behind Intense high-quality pigments for you to build it up A delightful sun-kissed effect that gives you that seductive healthy look Light-reflecting micro-particles for a natural and luxurious glow Enriched with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, that give you a vitalizing and plumping effect from within Made with a natural Japanese rice ingredient, providing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to your skin Talcum-free formulation, gorgeous definition without any clog pores Anti-comedogenic, it will not crease or settle in face lines or pores For all skin types Free parabens and fragrance Vegan and Cruelty-free This formula has as the main ingredient the Japanese rice starch, a natural raw material that is not only particularly skin-friendly but also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your skin loves. The natural talc-free formulation enables the skin with sufficient oxygen, to continue breathing and therefore, letting you enjoy a seductive sun-kissed look without any clog pores or skin dryness.

Content: 10 g (€270.00* / 100 g)

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